FiZZLeS – colourful bath magic for kids!

An exciting new product which makes bathing a magical and colourful experience for kids!

FiZZLeS are scented bath water colours in the form of an effervescent tablet that dissolves in the bath and colours the bath water.

Directions: Drop 1 tablet into bath water with dry hands. Watch as it begins to FiZZLe and turn bath water into a colourful sea of bath time magic and fun adventure!

Bath Magic’s FiZZLeS Bath Water Colours have been DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED with an irritant score of 0.0!

FiZZLeS are non toxic, safe and made with edible  ingredients. FiZZLeS will not leave behind any residue on skin or bath tub!

FiZZLeS make affordable gifts for every occasion:

  • Birthday presents
  • Christmas presents
  • Easter gifts
  • Add-ins for kids party packs!

    Bath Magic Products:

    Single Sachets sm Fun bath toys for toddlers FiZZLeS in Stores around Johannesburg Now
    single / promo sachets tubes, 10 tablets counter display carton

Some popular stores and chain stores you will find Bath Magic products in!

Toy KingdomStockists of Bath Magic FiZZLeS Bath Water Colours

Lilliputs Toy Store RosebankGreenbusters Toy ShopCraft Market Johannesburg

Bath Magic FiZZLeS were showcased at TOY TALK® 2017

Bath Magic FiZZLeS were showcased at the Toy Talk 2017 and added to Nikki Bush’s highly recommended list of toys and games for 2017 and 2018.

Bath Magic Mixology! Mix FiZZleS Bath Water Colours to create new fun bath colors!

Did you know that you can mix FiZZLeS to create other fun colours in the bath? Bath time is play time! 🙂 Create a beautiful Turquoise bath: Mix half a blue + half a green FiZZLeS tablet! For a Purple bath: Mix 1 red + 1/4 blue FiZZLeS tablet! For an Orange bath, try one red tablet and half a green Fizzles bath water
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New Stockists: Toy Kingdom Toy Stores South Africa

A fantasyland of Kings and Queens, Knights and Maidens, Pirates and Dragons, Fairies and Gnomes… let your imagination run wild. Toy Kingdom has something for everyone! Buy your FiZZLeS Bath Water Colours at Toy Kingdom Toy Stores around South Africa now!  The quality product selection, magical atmosphere, interactive demonstrations, knowledgeable staff and good old-fashioned SERVICE provide a shopping experience that sets them apart! Stores:
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