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What age group are FiZZLeS for?

FiZZLeS can be used for kids age 2 and up, but if directions are followed and with parental guidance, FiZZLeS can be used for kids younger than 2.

How many FiZZLeS tablets do I need to use in my bath?

1 Tablet = 1 Bath for small to medium sized baths. If you have a large bath and the colour is a little light, you can add another half or full tablet to intensify the colour.

Are the ingredients safe for my child?

FiZZLeS are non toxic and made with edible ingredients. The main ingredients are:

Citric Acid which is plant derived and is found in beauty soaps, shampoos and facial cleansing cosmetics

Sodium Bicarbonate which is a mineral which is used in oral care, bath salts and deodorants

Sorbitol is Plant derived (for the most part), from starch and is used as skin conditioner, used in sun blocks, cleansing cosmetics shaving creams and anti-aging products.

FiZZLeS contain no preservatives and do not stain skin or bath tub.

My child is extremely sensitive to soaps and bath products. Are FiZZLeS safe for my child?

All ingredients used in FiZZLeS are safe as well as edible, but please use your own discretion if your child is extremely sensitive and your doctor has advised you not to use any soaps, bubble baths and other bath products.

Will FiZZLeS stain my child’s skin or bath?

FiZZLeS are made with non-staining colours. They will not stain bath or skin if used according to the directions. If your child holds FiZZLeS tablets while letting them dissolve, it will result in temporarily stained skin, but this can be washed off within a day or less. This can be avoided by following the directions carefully. Add FiZZLeS tablets with dry hands, wait for it to dissolve and add baby.